I get it...Sometimes you don't want to buy a long-term coaching package. You may not be ready to join a six month high-level Mastermind. You just need some direction and guidance for your life and your relationship now. That's why I created my 3-session tune-up. It's a great way for you to get some answers and heal before moving on to your next step. Click the button below to get started.

 I teach women the tools that can help fix their relationships or help them gain the courage to leave.

Some relationships aren't meant to be forever and some very well may be. You are either growing together or growing apart. I believe in happily ever after. What I don't believe in is staying together for the kids, for financial reasons, or for any other bullshit conditioning you may have been taught to believe. 

Having the relationship you want comes from your dedication to you, not from anything outside of you. 

The only reason relationships are hard is because you don't trust yourself to keep good boundaries...

You may have been taught to be pleasing, accomodating, pretty...

Instead of being taught boundaries and self-worth, little girls are usually taught to adapt to a man's world. I am here to teach you who you really are and what a healthy relationship feels like.

We'll start with your childhood. I'll help you learn how to have extreme compassion for your emotions. You'll begin to understand why your life and your relationships are the way they are now and you'll discover a clear path to improve them or leave them.

Trust is a huge thing for me. I don't take it lightly and understand if you are skeptical about me. I actually think it's a good thing. I'm going to teach you to trust you.

Click the link below for a 3-sessions. You will get major healing in a short time.

If you want a crash course in personal growth, work on the health of your relationships.

  • Do your closest relationships feel like a warm blanket or something you mostly endure?
  • Are you proud of the people around you or do you gossip about whoever is not in the room?
  • Are you excited to introduce people to your circle of friends or do you find yourself having to make excuses for why they are so...interesting and colorful?

I will teach you the difference between having exciting and well-rounded relationships and being part of a hot mess express, that's more trouble than it's worth.

This work is intensely personal for me

I have been at rock bottom, more than once.

I lost a marriage because of my alcoholism and his infidelity. Even though it was a good thing, I lost my two best friends, chardonnay and cigarettes. I had to break up with them or they were going to kill me.

I found love again in 2017 and then lost him to suicide. I felt officially broken and strangely empowered.

I was already committed to my personal growth through coaching, yoga, and the twelve steps. I became committed to healing my trauma and growing at the same time.

What I learned through all of those experiences and my training showed me that my life and my experiences have massive value.  

When you coach with me, I transfer all of my love and value to you. I call it trauma alchemy. We turn your pain into gold. I love you already.

My wish for you...

I want you to see how fucking amazing you are. Not because you have done some hardcore mindset work. Not because you are able to hold space for your own traumas. Not because you exercised every day for a month like you said you would.

I want you to see it because you exist. I want you to see it in your fucked up ness. I want you to see it when you have noticed yourself repeating the pattern that you would have sworn was long gone.

I want you to feel it in every cell in your body even when you show up as a complete mess. That is when I wish for you to see it the most.


What they say...

Briseyda Sanchez

"Suzie the way you attracted me and the way I attracted you was amazing because before you I didn't even know I had the desire to be a coach guiding people."

Joanna Kelley

Relationship and Empowerment Coach

" I get what your other client was saying. There is something about holding this communal energy. I feel like I am shifting with or without our calls."

If you are ready to dip your toe into what really healthy relationships look like. Click the button below for a 3-session tune up. 

You will feel safe, seen, and heard.