Grief and loss are part of life, so are growth and expansion.

I help women reframe the way they move through grief and loss. Whether it is your partner or your self-esteem, I am your guide. You will learn how to honor your past self while reaching for a new reality. 

Having the life you want comes from being in alignment, not from handling things better. Click the button below To get my FREE 3-day email course called Practice Being.

Just because loss is part of life...

Doesn't mean we are equipped for it.

I don't even know you, but I know you. Make sense? If you have found yourself resonating with my work, we have some shit in common.

I have lost people, homes, dignity. If I have ever loved it, I've lost it. You are safe and understood here. I won't try to get you to feel better or see the bright side. 

I will sit with you and witness your pain until you are ready to reach for a better feeling.

Learning to sit with the present moment is where the magic happens.

My Method

I created The Unapologetically Feminine Method for healing grief and loss. I combine three modalities with eight concepts. I teach these concepts in every program I release. 

 Somatic Trauma Release

Trauma is experienced in the body, not the mind. I help you heal from the inside out.

Human Design

Human Design has been a game changer for me and my clients. It will open up a whole new world of possibilities for you.

Prioritizing Pleasure

I use practices and rituals that allow you to lean into your feminine energy and experience a life of desire and pleasure. Instead of from the lens of grief and trauma.

Once we lose someone or something that is deeply a part of who we are, more losses tend to follow.

Loss of Self-Confidence

Confidence can be in short supply when you lose a relationship or a job. I help you restore confidence in a way that is empowering and sustainable. You will not only restore lost confidence, you will find a deeper strength and many reasons to celebrate you.

Loss of Self-Worth

Beginning to understand my lack of self-worth felt like someone was punching me in the face. I literally wanted to scream. I am still not sure if I lost my sense of worthiness or if I never had it to begin with. Doing the work to understand my value has saved my life. It will be the most important undertaking of your life and I am so here to watch you step into your power. Fuck Yes Goddess!

Loss of Trust, Of Yourself and Others

It may seem ridiculous to think about trusting other people and the world around you and in this moment, that's probably true. I will teach you how to build trust within yourself little by little, day by day. If you think trust either is or it isn't...that's just not true. Learning to trust is a practice.

A Sense of Direction or Purpose

This is quite common when our balance of masculine and feminine energies become sick. If you have lost someone or something that represented structure/security/influence in your life, your masculine energy probably feels inadequate. No worries, you are not incapable. I've got you. 

If you are more structured and have more of the hustle mentality and you have found yourself without a tribe to lead, your feminine energy has probably been dormant.

I will help you balance and heal your energy.

This work is intensely personal for me

I have been at rock bottom, more than once.

I lost a marriage because of my alcoholism and his infidelity. Even though it was a good thing, I lost my two best friends, chardonnay and cigarettes. I had to break up with them or they were going to kill me.

I found love again in 2017 and then lost him to suicide. I felt officially broken and strangely empowered.

I was already committed to my personal growth through coaching, yoga, and the twelve steps. I became committed to healing my trauma and growing at the same time.

What I learned through all of those experiences and my training showed me that my life and my experiences have massive value.  

When you coach with me, I transfer all of my love and value to you. I call it trauma alchemy. We turn your pain into gold. I love you already.

My wish for you...

I want you to see how fucking amazing you are. Not because you have done some hardcore mindset work. Not because you are able to hold space for your own traumas. Not because you exercised every day for a month like you said you would.

I want you to see it because you exist. I want you to see it in your fucked up ness. I want you to see it when you have noticed yourself repeating the pattern that you would have sworn was long gone.

I want you to feel it in every cell in your body even when you show up as a complete mess. That is when I wish for you to see it the most.


What they say...

Briseyda Sanchez

"Suzie the way you attracted me and the way I attracted you was amazing because before you I didn't even know I had the desire to be a coach guiding people."

Joanna Kelley

Relationship and Empowerment Coach

" I get what your other client was saying. There is something about holding this communal energy. I feel like I am shifting with or without our calls."