Are you literally ready to scream and just forget it???

I know I was. I read all the Abraham Hicks books, followed all of the gurus, and I spent thousands trying to learn to be a vibrational match to all that I wanted.

You too? I am giving you a huge sister hug right this second. You are not a mess, you have what is called a neurodivergent brain.

It feels scary and insurmountable at times. You think you have turned a corner and things start to get really yummy and juicy and then BOOM, something happens that will yanks the rug out from under you and once again you are in a low vibe shame spiral.

Take a deep breath and keep reading. You will find relief here.

I am not a Guru, I am just like you.

I have literally been through hell and back. The reason I am highly qualified to teach this work is not because of the four certifications that I hold or letters behind my name.

I am qualified because I have experienced a shift in perception that shattered my ability to see things clearly and I developed a method to dig my way out. I am qualified because in a moment of grace I received a nudge from the Universe that said there is hope for change.

I am qualified because I have an ability to see through to your worthiness and will hold space for you to see it as well. I will not feed you a line of fluffy bullshit that has you believing that I do not struggle my ass off on the way to my manifestations. My brain still tries to block me at every turn. The only difference is that I utilize the tools that work and I do it every damn day. I have found no permanent solution to what ails me.

The solution is in daily inspired action.

I couldn't stand the thought of another woman feeling hopeless.

I would love to tell you I created this work because I'm saintly as hell and had some altruistic mission to spread the good word. But that's not it, not by a long shot.

I cannot keep what I do not freely give away. I cannot hide my struggles and expect to overcome them. I have to rip my heart open and allow you to step inside. Complete honesty and vulnerability is all that has ever worked for me. Accepting myself as lovely woman and a fucked up mess has been the magic ingredient y'all! A complete leveling of the ego (the part of me that thinks I'm worthless) is what has made the difference.

When I can stop buying into my subconscious programming that says I'll never be good enough and who do you think you are to succeed? Who do you think you are to rise above your circumstance?

I created this course and I do this work for me. Because I cannot succeed without opening the door for others to succeed. It's been proven to me time and time again that I cannot exist on an island alone. I have to accept support. I have to accept that the Universe loves me and has my back. And my soul has led me here.

We are stronger together. I see you. You are worthy of all that you want.

Why spiritually bypassing doesn't work and can actually be dangerous for you.

The women I work with are usually dealing with childhood trauma and/or some sort of mental illness.

Just thinking positive, affirmations, and a vision board may work for some, but most of us have complex programming that cannot be unraveled with a few good quotes and a yoga retreat.

Trauma craves familiarity and certainty. If all you have known is lack and scarcity, your brain and body are going to do their best to lead you to more lack and scarcity. If you were raised in a dysfunctional home with one or both parents that were violent, neglectful, or radically insecure, you are programmed to seek out chaotic relationships. Learning to detect and arrest these patterns is the start to manifesting a happier life.

I do not subscribe to stigmatizing mental illness or addiction. But I also do not subscribe to ignoring it either. My brain is neurodivergent and the medicine I take for it is part science and part spiritual. My worst enemy is hoping it will disappear. My best friend is doing what works every day. That is what I will teach you to do as well.

Our mental processes are not guaranteed to be reasonable throughout our lives. Insanity can creep in at any moment. My definition of insanity is using any coping mechanism besides God, to try to access God.

Kelli Chen

I didn't even know I wanted more or to be a business owner. I was working at Ulta and was completely okay until we dug into my brain. Turns out I did want more, I did want to be a leader. After six months with Suzie I am now a business owner who is ready to never stop growing.

Brita Meade

If it wasn't for Suzie I would not have the business I have now and I would not be in a relationship where I communicate my needs and my boundaries.

Asia Couch

Perfect people may need perfect life coaches. Suzie is completely transparent. She shares her imperfect mind and her imperfect life. She shares healthy coping mechanisms and little by little I begin to see myself as lovable. Which is a miracle.

What if you could predictably manifest your dream life?

What if you had an easy process of managing your mind and body to create your dream life?

What is you could just simply make a list and then know how to undo any programming that interfered with you getting the things on that list?

Relationships would become places of extreme comfort and safety, instead of hoping they don't find out the truth about you.

Money would be a given and feel easy, instead of being the most avoided topic in your life.

You would no longer be ashamed of your crazy brain, but you would become intrigued by watching it work. You would begin to look at yourself as a visionary and take your place in the long line of spiritual seekers and illumined women that came before you to pave the way.

This is the only time I will teach this curriculum in this manner and for this price!

I am so excited to teach the first round of Worthy of Manifesting to a small group of women. I have seen my life completely transform in the last six months and I want the same for you.

I want to completely refine this process for you so I can teach it at a higher level. If you are obsessed with the law of attraction but you are literally banging your head against the wall, you want to be in this test group.

My approach to manifesting is radically different and it prioritizes healing your trauma and reprogramming your subconsious mind. You can only allow into your life what your subconscious programming can support.

I have spent so much money trying to fix my energy, become high vibe, and live as if the thing I wanted was already staring me in the face. None of it worked.

I would still only allow in what my subconscious could support.

This round is going to be tailored to each individual in this group. The practices will be personalized for YOU.

If you have struggled with relationships, I will tailor your manifesting process to healing your past relationships, reprogramming your thoughts and beliefs about them, and give you ways to reinforce to your new state of being.

You won't just think differently, you will actually BE different.

You will have your hand held through the process, and all of that for 75% off the regular price.

Here is what you will walk away with.

  • The ability to understand how your brain works and why.
  • A solid process of predictably manifesting anything you want.
  • You will understand how to discover the subconscious beliefs you hold that are blocking you from manifesting what you want.
  • You will have daily practices that will reprogram those beliefs and then actions that will reinforce the new beliefs.
  • You will learn how to manage your expectations and have more self-compassion.
  • You will feel worthy of all that you want. You will no longer question whether you deserve it, you will know that just you wanting it, means it's meant for you.
  • You will begin the process of healing and releasing all of the trauma you have stored in your body. (this is worth the price alone)
  • You will know how to integrate those shadow parts of yourself that you have hidden. (pssstttt...these are the actually the parts of you that make you like a magnet for the things you want)
  • You will have complete clarity on what you are actually calling in. (a lack of clarity leads to manifesting more of what you do not want)
  • You will walk away trusting yourself and the Universe to co-create in a way that feels so loving and tailor made just for you.

If you don't prioritize healing your trauma as an avenue to manifesting what you is what will keep happening.

  • You will continue to spend money on things like trying to fix your energy, or become high vibe, or a sure fire route to becoming a "Master Manifestor", and you will end up right back where you are now.
  • Continuing to long for things that never come, adds to your already existing trauma. It feels like failure.
  • You will feel like a prisoner of your own mind. At a certain point, it's maddening.

I look at this work as life or death. I have seen women be swept up in lonliness and despair. I have actually been one of those women.

Moving through life feeling chained to a reality that you don't want affects everything and everyone around you.

The trauma wasn't your fault. But your healing is your responsiblity. You matter. You are significant. Your gifts are meant to be expressed in this lifetime. That is why you want the things you want. You would not even be reading this if you didn't feel the pull of your soul to have all that you desire.

I understand your fears. They are there for a reason and they are are not crazy.

I know you have already invested so much time and effort into starting your business or finding your true love.

You may have had a windfall of money only to have it dry up again.

You may even be questioning whether the Universe, God, Source Energy, or anything spiritual is even a thing anymore.

I get it. I can actually still go there. But now I have the tools to now stay there.

I cannot guarantee that you will get everything you have ever wanted. Because I can't guarantee that will commit to this work at least 1-2 hours per week.

But what I can guarantee is that if you will do this work as if your life depends on it...because it kinda will watch yourself become a different person.

If you will build trust in small increments every day, everything around you will change.

Once I knew about trauma and how it affected the body, I knew I was onto something big. I read the science surrounding hypnosis, reprogramming, and neuroplasticity and I committed to working on it for six months.

I stepped so deeply into my self-worth that I left a relationship that I was not happy in, I felt so deserving of the future I want that I pivoted my whole business to teach this curriculum. When I started this process my bank account was in the negative. I was no longer scared.

I knew I had cracked some sort of code. Within two weeks, I had $4k in my bank account and more was on the way.

I was no longer hiding my authentic desires. I have become a person who goes for what they want consciously and subconsciously.

When you work with me I won't heap more shame on top of you. I will mirror the deepest compassion for you. I will help you find the woman who gets exactly what she wants in this life.

I also won't lie to you and tell you it's a complete piece of cake. It takes diligent, discipline, and the will to keep going before your life looks exactly as you like.

The Course

This course is four weeks of curriculum and two bonus weeks for integration and support.

So much will come up during this work. Even if you had well-intentioned parents and a nice childhood, chances are you still have dysfunctional programming.

I like to give plenty of space for integration and group bonding.

Each week could be a stand alone mini-course. They will be short and easily digestable.

Each module will have 3 components.

  1. Detective Journaling
  2. Reprogramming
  3. Reinforcing

Each week you will get...

  • A video module
  • Live group coaching session
  • A reprogramming practice
  • Journal Prompts
  • Reinforcing action steps

The Modules

  1. Week 1 - Inner Child - The first week will dig into how you were programmed. If there was any significant trauma and somatic techniques to release any stored emotions.
  2. Week 2 - Shadow Work - Our shadows are the parts of that we try to hide. The parts that we feel are unlovable and objectionable. All humans have dysfunctional personality traits. Selfishness, arrogance, being manipulative, dishonest, and more. Accepting these parts of yourself and continuing to be okay with being imperfect, is what makes you magnetic.
  3. Week 3 - Pattern Pulls - Our patterns are so comfortable to us, they convince us that they are right. They will make us think that settling for less than what we want is being practical. They will pull you back into a shadow behavior and convince you that familiarity is the way to go and change is the enemy. Resisting the pattern pulls is where real change happens.
  4. Week 4 - Finding Evidence - This is the super fun part. This is where you go find evidence of what you want actually exists in the real world. I will teach you to find women that make the money that you want, that came from your type of background, and that have had similar struggles.

Bonus Weeks - These will be live group coaching sessions. You will have a facebook group where you can ask questions about the work on a daily basis.

This is perfect for you if...

  • You are willing to put in 1-2 hours per week during this course.
  • You have had childhood trauma and you don't know how to stop the pattern of your trauma responses.
  • You are tired of trying every single course, reading every single book and ending up right back where you started.
  • You are willing to manage your expectations and willing to go through some uncomfortable emotions while watching your life transform.

Worthy of Manifesting is not suited for you if...

  • You are not willing to set aside the time to dive into this work.
  • If you have such intense trauma that being in a group setting feels completely unsafe. If that is the case reach out to me at [email protected] I can set up some 1:1 sessions to move you into a more secure emotional space.
  • If you cannot get into a beginner's mindset. Always feeling like the expert is actually shame. It's an embodiment that is blocking you from the life that you want.

This work is so personal for me.

There is nothing more important to me than seeking peace and comfort in my own skin. When I didn't feel worthy of the life that I wanted, I had no peace.

I have lost husbands, lovers, cars, houses, and even my children at one point. I was a prisoner of my self-hatred and I felt I had no way out.

I knew my situation was life or death. I knew I had to find a way. So I have taken the best of twelve step programs, yoga philosophy, and my own energetic abilities and created The Unapologetically Feminine Method of Manifesting.

I cannot wait to see who you become!