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I have lost everything I have ever loved.

 I am not being dramatic. I have lost lovers, marriages, whole careers, and possessions. I have also, at times, lost my sense of who I was in this world and any self-worth I may have had. I am an expert at watching things leave my life.

After twenty years of one loss after the other, I decided that my life was going to be beautiful regardless. I decided I was no longer available for grief without extreme joy on the other side.

If you are ready to stop living in sadness and regret and start living from a sense of purpose and power, you are in the right place.

The Unapologetically Feminine Method

You know there is something missing. You just don't know how to fix it. The method will help you discover the unique truth that holds the key to your growth and expansion.

When you are ready for radical change, you just know. You have already invested so much time and energy in feeling helpless. Why not invest time, energy, and money designing your life around what you desire.

The reason this method is life changing...

It makes sense that we grieve. We are attached to the people, places, and things that we love. It's how we are conditioned. We even make songs about it. Songs that say love hurts and love stinks. 

Even when we think we have moved on and healed, there will still be behaviors that say, I'm not going to play life full out. When I do that, I get hurt. I'm going to stay safe over here behind my emotional wall. I'll be fine.

Each loss takes something away from us. It's as if a part of us has been stripped away. The Unapologetically Feminine Method helps you redefine your life purpose. Once you realize that you are here to grow and that every life experience is adding to that growth. Sometimes its painful. I've heard stories of loss that have been unimaginable. It's all part of the experience. Some is good and some is horrible and it can all provide us with a reason to grow and do good on this earth.

I teach you to honor and hold space for yourself and your painful emotions.
Once you have fully processed the experience, I teach you how to release it.
Then we start you on a path of explosive spiritual, emotional, and financial growth.

You will become more abundant in all areas.

What is this magic?

The Unapologetically Feminine Method allows every part of you to be seen as desirable. Life gives us experiences that shapes our consciousness. This method will re-train your brain and body to allow what serves you and release what doesn't. I cannot tell you that you won't have grief if you have to set a hard boundary. I can't tell you that you won't miss the part of you that could just say it's no big deal and keep going back to fucked up relationships. But what I can tell you is that once you get a taste of the power that comes from living in your divine feminine energy...you will never want to go back.

Meet Your Coach

Suzie Wheeler

Trauma Alchemist

I am a multi-certified mentor and spiritual guide. I hold certifications in life coaching, somatic trauma release, and Jivamukti yoga.

I read philosophy and psychology books for fun. I laugh until tears run down my cheeks most days. I am sexy AF, silly, and pretty much a hot mess express. I am also wise beyond reason and I have tapped into a higher state of being...it's pretty fucking cool.

My life experience qualifies me to guide you through releasing your trauma, having better relationships, and learning thrive more than all of my certifications combined. I am a recovering alcoholic/addict in a twelve step program. I have gone through two very painful divorces.

After my second divorce I didn't know how to process the trauma and my fears of rejection and abandonment, so I experienced one toxic relationship after the next.

Then when I finally found an amazing relationship, six months in I found him, in our home, dead by suicide.

I made a decision for my life shortly after. I am going to have everything I have ever wanted. I am going to live my life in a way that is unapologetically authentic.

That is when I began to create The Unapologetically Feminine Method. I created it for women who thought that suffering was the only way.

Hang out with me. I'll show you who you truly are...Unapologetically Feminine.

The Experience

The Community

You will have a community of women who get where you are and where you want to go. You will no longer feel like a burden or that anyone is sick of your story. You will feel truly supported and completely validated. You will feel safe to express any emotion or thought that comes up. This is a no censor zone. Healing is something the general public has a hard time holding space for. You will be supported here. Not rushed, not dismissed, truly supported. When you see the olive branch icon, you know you are safe.

VIP Custom Experience

You are going to be in a support group, a mastermind, and have a 1:1 private coach. This will feel as if it is being tailored to your needs as they arise, because it is. You will be able to schedule your sessions. If the time you want is not available, you can reach out to me on voxer. We will have an ongoing group voxer chat and you can message me individually whenever you like. You will also be able to chat with the other women in the group. It's the best of every world. The arms signify that a compassionate space is always being held for you.

Reflection and Integration

Because of the nature of this work, we will have periods of reflection and integration that will include silent time, a weekend away, a sabbatical of sorts. During covid I will tailor it to what is available for each of us. After covid, there will be a luxury retreat included in this work. (It's not included in the price, but once we open retreats, you will get perks and a special package price). When you see the meditation icon, you will know its time to take a deep breath and allow what you have discovered to move through every part of your consciousness.

The Senses

 Prioritizing pleasure is one of the most important parts of the healing journey. Going through a major loss can seperate us from a life that is pleasurable in every way. When you are Unapologetically Feminine pleasure is infused in every part of your day. Your life will become one sensual experience after the other. The cozy chair icon represents your ultimate comfort. I want your life to be lived from the perspective that life is meant to feel like a cozy armchair. You may not want to sit there all day, but you know it's always available.

The Elements of The Method

In our group coaching sessions we will have a structure. I will introduce a different concept each week. But within that structure space will be made to discuss things like really bad fucking days, breakdowns, and tears. We will make space to celebrate wins and everyone rising to new levels of being together while supporting any sadness or despair that is present. 

Concept 1:  Observing Loss

The first concept of The Unapologetically Feminine Method is learning to observe our experiences, instead of judge them. You learn to look at all of your losses and not minimize them. You can utilize this concept in every area of your life. Your relationships, your career, family, and your finances. To learn to observe something that is painful, traumatic, or that you may not like,

 is truly a gift. As women we are taught that we are overreacting or just being a drama queen. It's abusive and it stops here. You have my permission to call any experience out as hurtful. That is when we go to work healing, growing, and expanding into new realities.

Concept 2:  Desire

Learning to live from desire instead of fear or obligation is a game-changer. We usually live from the perspective of what we feel is available to us or what we are worthy of, instead of what we actually desire. Loss can add an extra layer of fear. Guilt and shame often come along as well. The Unapologetically Feminine Method gives you permission to go after all that you desire. You are not obligated to grieve for any amount of time. You are also not obligated to get over it either. Learning to master your feminine energy means that you can grieve and be overjoyed at the same time. You can honor where you've come from and love where you are. Feminine energy is prolific. It won't be contained. It is meant to flow.

Concept 3: Validation

We are often trying to get somewhere instead be where we are. It makes sense. We are a goal-oriented society. It shows the world we are worthy and productive...right? Don't get me wrong, I love setting and achieving my goals. Sugar I don't play. But that is the epitome of masculine energy. It's doing instead of being. It's giving instead of receiving. It's getting your hustle on and showing yourself and the world that you are in it to win it. Even typing that, stresses me the fuck out. The Method teaches you to validate and accept whatever is coming up. When you accept it, you can decide to amplify it or release it. When we resist our emotions they get stuck in our bodies and cause all sorts of mayhem.

Concept 4: Holding Space For Negative Emotions

Negative emotions are the best feedback for change. Girls are taught to be nice and accomodating. We think of those qualities as innately feminine, when that is not the case at all. Being Unapologetically Feminine means accepting your messy emotions with as much love, as you do your positive emotions. Feminine energy is like a storm. It is swirling, chaotic, and fierce. You will learn that you never need to apologize for fully experiencing life in the moment. An Unapologetically Feminine Woman stands fully in her power and feels a deep sense of innate worthiness in how she shows up in every moment.

Concept 5: Shifting Energy

Once you learn the first four concepts, you are ready to begin shifting your energetic setpoint. Identifying and accepting your negative emotions, reveals where you have the most resistance. I will introduce practices with this concept. Meditation, journaling, tapping, intentional movement, lighting, goddess rituals. Understanding your energy and how to manage it, is a huge part of the growth process.

Concept 6: Identifying Patterns

Now you have enough self-awareness to begin to marvel at, instead of judge or defend your patterns of behavior. This is where you start to have a lot of fun creating the life you desire. You can begin to honor your pain and maintain a deep sense of compassion for yourself. You will begin to see yourself as powerful. This is where you will understand the difference in your trauma and your ego. Your trauma is the emotions stuck inside of you that cause you to react when you are triggered. Your ego is your conditioning that says you are not good enough, you are stuck, your life sucks, relationships are hard, etc. You will become a master of distinguishing the two and nothing will hold you back.

Concept 7: Allowing Your Masculine Energy To Be Your Rock

 lifeThe world reveres masculine energy. We are a get 'er done society. There is a way for you to live 90% of your life being Unapologetically Feminine and 10% masculine hustle. You have to get shit done. I love my masculine energy. I am using it right this second. I will write this sales page, I will put the systems in place to promote it, and then I will let it go. I will lean back into my feminine energy knowing that I am enough. That this program is divinely inspired and the women who need it will be drawn to it. 

This program will teach you how to create the systems in your life that support your relationships, your work, your body, your spiritual life, and once those systems are in place...you allow it to be enough. If you are used to constantly doing to prove your worth, this will be a practice. You will get there.

Concept 8: Living Unapologetically Feminine 

This is where I help you design what a pleasurable and purely sensual life looks like for you. Your systems are in place. You are now practicing self-care every day. You understand the patterns that still show up. You welcome them. They feel like family. You also know how to shift the energy out of worry and into desire. You no longer feel stuck in an endless cycle of grief and loss. You have a wildly different outlook on the other humans who have come into your experience. You no longer depend on things staying as they are in this moment for you to feel happy and fulfilled. You understand deeply the impermanence of life. You have identified and feel committed to your life's purpose. You are renewed from the inside out. You are Unapologetically Feminine.

Ready to Experience Your Highest Purpose?

Choose your path. It doesn't matter how you do it. It just matters that if you are led to your ultimate growth and expansion, you follow your soul. If it is in this container, I will feel honored to watch you come alive to your feminine power.

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If you have any questions, make sure to reach out. Think of us as already being friends. Welcome to my home. Feel free to ask me anything.

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© 2021, Suzie Wheeler