You are

 safe here...

I will introduce you to your truest self...

Private coaching with me means you have grief support, a somatic trauma release practitioner, a business coach, and a spiritual guide.

Life is fucking hard. Having another woman be able to sit with you and not need you to suck it up or get it together is transformational. I am here for you. We will link arms and walk through it together.

The remedy is in the repetition. I teach you daily practices that will eventually become a working part of your mind. Grief and trauma can cause distorted thoughts. We begin to look at the world in a oh shit what is coming next kinda way. The practices will help you observe instead of react.

Feminine emotion is looked at as too much, too crazy, and often too hard to watch. Coaching with me will help liberate your feminine energy. It will also help you to regulate your nervous system when you have strong emotional reactions. You are not too much... sugar, you are exactly as you should be.

I am here on purpose

What has changed my life more than anything is learning to de-condition myself to what I think and feel about the world around me. Learning to love without attachment, learning to desire what I want without feeling bad about it, and learning that grief is a part of growth, is what I have to offer you. 

Getting your life exactly the way you want it and expecting it not to evolve and break your heart is not only unrealistic, it's not even what you really want. Your soul came here to evolve. If you want to embrace all of your life as the coolest fucking adventure you can imagine, I want to invite you to apply to work with privately with me for six months.

I love you already, now let's get to work making your life matter what!!!

How does it work...

I will give you my scheduling link and you can schedule as many calls as you wish.
You will have access to me on voxer and you will get access to groups and courses for the time that we are coaching together.

I cannot make you do the work...

But if you do, I can tell you what will happen.
You will begin to be intensely self-aware of what you are thinking and how you are feeling in every moment. 
You will no longer be fearful of life.
You will no longer look for the certainty of toxic patterns of behavior.
You will begin to embrace the unknown and take chances.
You will be okay with desiring more in your life.
You will feel entitled to everything you want and be patient as it begins to show up.
You will learn how to deal with people, places, and things that trigger you.
You will learn how to stay connected to your body and to not dissociate.
You will learn that the exact life you want includes grief, loss, and joy.

The Investment

$12,222 Paid in Full for six months


Monthly payments of $2,222 with a six month commitment

Email for an application to work with me privately.